Bat Art Projects

    Art activities for early childhood/primary children integrated in the bat thematic unit.

      * Stellaluna Puppet

              To make a puppet for the book, Stellaluna several materials can be used.

             * A dark tube sock

             * Paper plates

              * Craft Sticks

              * paper bags.

    If using a paper plate, cut a bat pattern from a stencil.  Students can paint the bats, decorate, then hang from the ceiling or on a line.  To make the project interesting, hang the bats upside down.  There is a bat pattern on the web page "bat pattern"  if you would like to save time making one.  Use tag board to cut several of the patterns.  The patterns can be placed at an art center for students to make.  If using a tube sock, stuff the tube sock with packing popcorn or tissue paper.  Decorate with felt pieces or construction paper.  I prefer the felt pieces and use a glue gun to attach the pieces.  The bat pattern page will provide a pattern students can use to decorate the stick puppet.  I run several on construction paper.  The students color and paint using a combination of crayons and water color paint.  They add decorations from a collection of materials from glitter, yarn, buttons, etc.  Glue the puppet onto the craft stick.

 *Flapping Bats -

      This idea came from an issue of School Days Magazine (1997).

  Use the bat pattern included in this web page unit.  Students cut out bats from black construction paper.  They draw eyes or glue the moveable craft eyes onto the project.  Students decorate their bats with colored pencils, glitter, paper cut outs of shapes, etc..  Then, have the students roll a 2" by 5" piece of black paper and glue the ends together to make a small tube.  The children tape their tubes to the undersides of their bats.  They can flap their bats' wings by slipping their fingers in the tubes and moving the bats up and down.

   Bat Clips -

       The directions for this project are at the web site:

Bat Masks

      This year, I bought several of the half-face, black halloween masks.  They were on a clearance sale at the end of the season.  In the art center, the kids could take one of the masks and decorate it with a variety of materials.  Voila - A room full of mysterious bat people.

Bat Branch-

          Get a tree limb.  Place it in a bucket filled with dirt, sand, rice, or tissue paper.  This is the tree for the bat roost.  When children make their bats, they can hang them upside down in the tree.

Bulletin Board

          Divide the bulletin board into two sections.  Use dark or black butcher paper on one side.  This will be the "what bats do at night" side.  On the other side, use a light paper.  I prefer white so the students can add their drawings or paint on the paper.  This side is "what bats do during the day."  Students can add to the board with writing, artwork, or ideas as the unit progresses.


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