Ben Franklin


       Ben Franklin is a component in the Virginia social studies SOLs for first grade.  Specifically, SOL 1.2 expectations are that students will know:

              1.  Benjamin Franklin proved that electricity was present in lightning through his kite experiment.

              2.  He started the first library and the first volunteer fire department in America.

               There are many books to read as shared and guided reading about Ben Franklin. The list is included on this page.  To review the list, click on the book title.  Here is one that you may enjoy as a personal read.


                        BOOK LIST


 Ben Franklin - Rookie Reader


Ben and his Kite Level 2 Ready to Read Book


Ben Franklin Welcome Books

Meet Ben Franklin - chapter book - my students love this series of books.

Guided Reading Books

Ben Franklin - Early Biography

                      This is one of my favorites to share



                            FAVORITES FOR SHARED READING

                              AND BOOK BASKETS


  Who Was Ben Franklin?


           Ben Franklin 


           Now and Ben


Ben Franklin - Compass Bio.


   Read About Ben Franklin


    The Story of Ben Franklin

                     MATH, SCIENCE AND KITE FLYING


        Ben's Kite Story


Ben and the Magic Squares Math


   Ben Franklin's Big Shock


     Easy Experiments


How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning


Ben Franklin Time Books

                    Resource Books and More


  Ben Franklin CD Project


Theme Pockets January  Famous Americans


A Picture Book of Ben Franklin


    The Busy Teacher's Spring Book (1987) The Education Center Publisher

           The page in this book has a kite pattern students can make and decorate.  There is a writing paper you can use to attach to the back of the kite.  Students write about Ben Franklin and then glue their writing onto the decorated kite.  I also cut out lightning bolts using an Ellison machine.  I attach these onto the string attached to the kite.

    Frank Schaffer's Primary Club, FS 971602, Social Studies, Famous Americans

   This book has some cutout pictures of Ben Franklin, his kite, etc. for students to construct a 3-D diorama.

       Holidays and Seasonal Celebrations, Gr 1-3, Issue 16, Teaching and Learning Company, 1999.

    The page, Kites and Keys, shows Ben working with a kite in his famous electricity discovery.


                 Web Site Links  (watch a movie)

this site has many activities and interactive games about Ben.

activities to help students learn about national symbols and our government. - a guide to Ben Franklin

Learn songs about famous Americans. (Fun with Ben) (Ben Franklin's house) -

 Information about Ben from the Government Printing Office.,6709,1076243,00.htm -

there is a book to print about Franklin.  You may have to be a member to print some of the materials. 


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