Declaration of Independence Scavenger Hunt

SOL 2b

Directions: Students will use the copy of the Declaration of Independence on pages 36-38 of the textbook (Civics and Economics). Their objective is to find the words, phrases, statements to answer each question on the scavenger hunt cards. Remind students that each card has a number and finding the answers are in order of the paragraphs written in the Declaration.

Materials: Civics or We the People textbook, scavenger hunt cards, pencils, paper, envelopes to store a set of cards for each group.

Picture may be used as a cover for the folder or envelope where cards are kept for each group.




  1. Find the date that the Declaration was signed.



4. Find the sentences that tell WHY the declaration was necessary?




  • Where was the Declaration signed (what part of government)


5. What words show that England and the United States were together and now going to separate?



  • What word at the beginning of the Declaration shows that all 13 states agreed with the Declaration?

6. What truths were "self-evident" (3)





7. What words state how government is created or instituted?




8. Where do governments get their power? Find the words that state this (3).

9. What rights do people have when governments become destructive?




10. Find the words that tell how governments should be organized.



11. Under what conditions or during what time should governments be changed? Should people change government whenever they want?

12. Who was the "despot" that the colonies were complaining about?

13. What was the goal of the English King for the colonies?




14. What are usurpations?






15. What word shows that the colonies have put up with the wrong doings of England?



16. What did the King do about the laws?





17. What changes did the King make with the governors?




18. What did the King do about legislative bodies that was wrong for the people?





19. What did the King do with the Representative Houses?

20. What did the Kings officers do that was wrong to the colonists?





21. What did the King do about armies that was wrong?





22. What did the King do with the army soldiers that was wrong?

23. What did the King do about taxes that was wrong?




24. What did the King do that was wrong against citizens on "the high seas"?




25. What problem did the King cause on the frontier with the Indian tribes?

26. What did the colonists do before this Declaration to try to get the King to stop?





27. What word tells you that the King did not listen to the complaints that the colonists stated before this Declaration?

28, What final words state that the colonies are going to be free from England?





29. What powers will the free and independent states now have as they break ties with England?

30. What final lines of the Declaration tell you that the signers were united in signing?






  Directions:  Students use the Declaration of Independence to answer each card. Print the cards on cardstock and have one set per group.


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