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                                   Books by Gail Gibbons


                                                                  Pig Books


                                        The Three Little Pigs, by James Marshall






    The Cows are In the Corn

        By James Young

    (Scholastic Publications)


                                Favorite Farm Books









                                          Mrs. Wishy Washy




                                     Teacher Resource Books


    On the Farm: Make Your Own Emergent Readers


(Frank Schaeffer Pub.)

Down on the Farm

Stepping into Standards Theme Series

Creative Teaching Press

            The Farm

Favorite Literature and Great Activities to Spark Learning Across the Curriculum

    (Scholastic, K-2)

           Farm Animals Kindergarten


     (Reproducible Book)

     Frank Schaeffer Pub.


      Farm Resources from The Learning Workshop, Inc

        *To view products, go to the learning workshop link in the last box.


              Listen To The Music

      Farm Favorites  Activity book and CD Music

                Every Friday Night


            Farm ABC

        Farm ABC Charts

 What Would You Count Charts What Would You Count

 Learn How to Count and Different Farm Animals

       Springtime on the Farm

 Springtime On the Farm


The Learning Workshop, Inc.

3000 SE 8th Street East

Wenatchee, WA 98802




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