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    Welcome to the thematic book list for the theme of friendship.  All of the books are available from your bookstore or through  To view a specific title, click the mouse arrow on the book cover.                    


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 Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

      Leo Lionni


Alexander is lonely.  He meets a wind-up mouse named Willy who becomes his best friend through a little lizard's magic


Jean Ban Leuween


Amanda has a new best friend, Lollipop.  Amanda falls in love with Lollipop's bedroom until she stays overnight.  Then, whe misses her home and her own bed.

A book in the Amanda Pig series


  Paula Danziger


Amber's third grade class is teasing her about being a crayon color.  Then, her best friend moves because his parents are divorcing.  Appropriate for early chapter books.  Humor.

 Katherine Holabird

Angelina is excited when Alice came to school.  They were both good at doing many things especially gymnastics.  Their friendship is tested when Angelina falls and Alice teases her with other friends.  Great illustrations and attractive storyline for girls.



  James Marshall


Two hippos teach the meaning of friendship in five vignettes.  These two find that friendship has its own meaning and rewards. 




 Bernard Waber


Ira is spending his first night away from home at Reggie's house.  He was planning all of the exciting things that they would do together until the problem of his teddy bear, Tah Tah come up.

    Juanita Havill


Jamaica is embarrassed because she has to wear her brothers hand-me-down boots.  She loves Brianna's pink boots.  The concepts of friendship, jealousy, envy, and affection are strong with  African-American and Asian multicultural elements and diversity

  Juanita Havill

 Jamaica is upset because everyone in her family has something to do but her.  Jamaica decides to follow her brother to the park.  She starts to play in the sandbox but will not play with another child because he was younger.  Then she remembers how she felt when her brother would not play with her for the same reason.  Multicultural. Family diversity.


  Francine Patterson


Koko the gorilla was born on the fourth of July.  He has a 500 word vocabulary but all he wants is a cat.  Koko and his new cat Ball do everything together.  Excellent for a nonfiction addition to the unit.




    Tomi DePaola


The Commanche tribe is praying for rain.  One girl sacrifices her prize possession, a doll, to save her people.  The ashes scatter and bluebonnets grow. Good social studies integration book with theme.





Mitchell, the dinosaur, is tired of his house.  He decides to move but his friend of 60-years does not want him to leave.  Margo visits Mitchell and decides to stay.


  Stan Berenstain


Lizzy, the new cub in the neighborhood are happy to finally have each other to play with in the neighborhood.  Sister Bear is bossy and learns that you cannot always have friends if you have to have your own way all of the time.  Realistic problems.

     Clare Turlay



A baby rabbit and a cat become friends.





   Harriet Ziefert



 Best friend theme of two boys.  Chapter book.



   Patricia Reilly



Stacy does not want to be partners with the new girl at school.  Then Stacy finds out that being different is not such a bad thing at all.  Chapter book in a series by the author.


    Amy Ehrlich


 An easy-to-read chapter book about three friends.


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