How did the development of railroads and steamships help the United States grow?

Transporting people and goods faster and safer

Transportation and new inventions helped farmers in the 1800s by:

Increase how much they produced and moving their products to market

Who invented the cotton gin?

Eli Whitney

How did the cotton gin change the way the South grew cotton?

Farmers could grow more cotton

Increase in slave labor

Who invented the reaper?



Cyrus McCormick

Who invented the steamboat?



Robert Fulton

Why was the invention of the steamboat important?

This was a faster way to travel and move goods down rivers

The steam locomotive was a very important invention for the development of the:


What happened in the South after the cotton gin was invented?

Cotton growers grew more cotton and got richer



The cotton gin increased the amount of cotton southern farmers grew. What else increased due to this invention?




Slavery increased

What invention was important in the development of our railroads?

Steam locomotive

How did the reaper affect American lives?

It increased the farmerís productivity.

What did Cyrus McCormick and Jo Anderson do?

Invented the reaper

Who was Jo Anderson?

He was a slave who helped develop the reaper.

Who was Samuel Slater?

He built the first cotton spinning mill or factory 1790 in Rhode Island

What does Industrial Revolution mean?

It was a change in the way goods were produced from homemade to made by machines.

Who was Francis Lowell?

1812 build a factory in Lowell, Massachusetts that did all stages of cloth making.




How did the work force change in the 1830s and 1840s when factories opened?

Mill girls came from farms to work in factory towns.,

How did inventions and factories change the way Americans lived in the 1830-1840?

  • People were moving from farms to cities
  • We could make more goods faster
  • Make goods cheaper
  • Grow more food
  • Grow more cotton

Who was Peter Cooper?

He built a steam-powered locomotive to be used on railways.

How did railroads help the U.S.?

  • People could travel faster
  • Move goods faster

Name the person who helped bring the Industrial Revolution from England to the U.S.


Samuel Slater

Why were most American factories built by rivers?

  1. The machines ran on water power from the river.
  2. Move the goods from the factory on the river
  3. Ships carry goods to parts of the country