Criteria Area

4 Exceeds Standard

3 Meets Standard

2 Working Toward Standard

1 Beginning Stage of Standard


Articles and notes are complete, highlighted and marked correctly. Questions answered demonstrate exceptional understanding. Shows evidence of extra work, thinking, quality and additional effort and exceptional reflection

Articles and notes are complete, highlighted and marked correctly. Questions are correctly answered showing thinking and effort. Entries demonstrate understanding of the concept and thought and is reflective

Articles and notes are not complete, highlighted or marked correctly. Missing notes or assigned pages. Errors have not been corrected. Shows some effort but not uniform responses in articles, notes, or questions.

Missing many articles and notes, not highlighted and/or marked incorrectly. Many errors in questions or in format for notes. Errors have not been corrected. Demonstrates lack of effort


Application of concepts shows evidence of depth of understanding and application is creative and diverse. Shows great depth of understanding, reflection, extra work, effort, or self-motivation to exceed.

Application of concepts shows evidence of understanding and the form of application is appropriate for the concept. Demonstrates a general understanding of knowledge, effort, and creativity

Application of concepts shows evidence some understanding and attempts at application are not clear, complete, or appropriate. Shows some detail in applying knowledge but may be random examples.

Application of concepts shows minimal or beginning stages of understanding. Application examples may be attempted, unclear, inaccurate, or superficial. Application page may be incomplete


Written assignments show complete thoughts, innovative uses of vocabulary or language, evidence of extended activities with extra time and effort to master content. Followed directions and explored concept in-depth and reflective ways Contains variety of information additional resources, very reflective

Written assignments show effort and complete thoughts. Use of vocabulary in application is appropriate and format is followed. Followed directions and demonstrates effort in written work. May include own words to explain important information. Shows reflective process and is informative

Written assignments show evidence of some understanding but may not be expressed in an appropriate manner or may be incomplete. Parts of the assignment may be missing and minimal effort in written work is evident. Some directions not followed. Some vocabulary included. Some information

Written assignments show the beginning stages of understanding. Incomplete thoughts or copied directly from source. Irrelevant details. Did not follow directions. Minimal use of vocabulary or explanation. Missing components; superficial effort with minimal or no information

Organization and Presentation

All sections are labeled and easy to identify. All notes, assignments and activities are completed in exceptional detail demonstrating effort and work that exceeds expectation. Notebook is creative, colorful, and neat with pictures and text. All assignments are completed on time. All notes follow correct organizational format.

All sections are labeled and easy to identify. Assignments and activities are completed following directions, with detail. Notebook is creative, colorful and neat with legible writing. Includes pictures and text. All assignments are completed on time and follow correct organizational format.

Sections may not be complete in labeling or marking and difficult to identify. Some Assignments and activities may be missing, lack detail, not appropriate for task directions, and/or not organized. Notebook shows some creative attempts but may lack details with pictures and text. Notebook may not have all assignments completed on time or follow the organizational format

Sections show little evidence of labeling, organization or entry pages in correct order. Many assignments and activities are missing and/or incomplete. Work product shows that effort was not implemented in using color, pictures, or showing understanding of tasks. Notebook is not legible and/or attractive. Beginning to understand note taking organization.

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